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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The hidden beauty of Bataan

Hi there! Been busy lately and was involved in different projects and business opportunities but as I  have promised, I will share some piece of the Philippines!

Last March, our company Wideout Technology Services Incorporated which is now Wideout Workforces Incorporated was involved in a very special event in Bataan which is the Bataan Flora Adventure Hunt that was participated by different organizations and schools including the Philippine Army, the Marines and the Airforce.

I was part of the team that developed the Android App (The Flora Adventure Buddy) that was used by the participants to take pictures and identify their location in the mountains of Bataan. 

In this article, I want share a glimpse of the beauty of the nature that the participants encountered. The team took photos of the different sights inside the mountain ranges of Bataan that amazed our eyes.

A specie of beetle 
The foggy morning of the Bataan mountain ranges

Different flowers and views of the mountain ranges.

Kris Austria with other volunteers on their post

The Camp site

The Wideout Bataan App Team

 Photos taken by the participants using their Android devices.

Paul Ang with a nice pose

Photography by: Erik Jacob, Jo Salinog, Kris Austria and Reagan Rico