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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tagaytay Adventure

In this busy world, relaxing is a very expensive word and last weekend, we went to a place where we can find some. A place that is known for it's cool weather plus fresh fruits and veggies - Tagaytay City. If you're thinking of a very budget friendly 2 day out-of-town trip, here's our itinerary!

The Foggy Entrance of People's Park in the Sky
Tagaytay City is part of the Province of Cavite and was very popular because of it's cool climate and beautiful scenery. From Manila, it's just 1.5 hour travel via coastal road if you will ride a bus from Pasay Rotonda. And if you're looking for an escape from the Metro, this is a nice spot.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi! Welcome to LibotPinas (Travel Philippines)! A compilation of adventures and many reasons why you should be travelling around the Philippines! I believe that this country have many things to offer and many are just not opening their eyes on the real beauty that this paradise have! Hope you enjoy reading! Libot na!